Escalators & Autowalks
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Escalators & Autowalks

Fujitec’s GS8000 escalator and autowalk play an important role in a building aside from serving as a functional aspect; it is the focal point of human transportation flow. Appearance of Fujitec’s escalator compliments the architecture design of hotels, shopping centres, airport & office building complex. Fujitec offers elegant design with high people moving efficiency.


Escalators - GS8000

The new series of GS8000 escalators has been designed ergonomically for smooth rides, featuring gently curved balustrades and easy-to-hold handrails. The user-friendly GS8000 series escalator stands out with elegance and assures excellent quality and safety.

Three types are available in the GS8000:

  • TYPE S - In the "Slim Type" escalator, the interior panels are made of clear tempered glass which provides a sophisticated appearance.
  • TYPE L - With the "Frame Type" escalator, the interior panels are also made of clear tempered glass and an optional handrail lighting is available for an elegant look.
  • TYPE P - The "Panel Type" escalator offers interior panels made of hairline-finished stainless steel and is ideally suited for public transit systems as well as commercial facilities.

The GS8000 escalator features a smooth ride and graceful style. Our goal is to create escalators with unparalleled comfort and reliability. Drive performance, safety, space and energy savings - these are all indispensable requirements every escalator should satisfy. In the process of developing the GS8000 Series, Fujitec not only satisfies such requirements at high levels, but also pursues even further sophistication.

Fujitec’s user-friendly GS8000 series escalators stands out with elegance. It is needless to say, not the stylish design, it assures excellent quality and safety.

Stylish Newel Design 
The innovative design is applied to the newel made of resin which enhances the individual.*
Illuminated Direction Indicator 
The illuminated direction indicator installed at the upper and lower newel provides passenger safety with its high level of visibility.*
*applied up to 9.5m in rise

Other standard features/ specifications includes

  • Synthetic Rubber (black) handrails
  • Automatic Lubrication system
  • Rubber Wheel Incorporated in step chain
  • Fault Display
  • Stainless Steel Skirt Guard, Deck Cover & Landing Plate
  • Demarcation Line

Other Optional specifications:

  • Energy saving system
  • Urethane Handrail
  • Automatic start/stop
  • Demarcation Lights
  • Painted Demarcation Line

     (for aluminium steps only)


Autowalks – GS8000

Fujitec’s GS8000 Autowalk, provides passengers with smooth, safe and reliable transportation in airports, underpasses and shopping centers across South Asia region. In today’s congested urban areas, the GS8000 Autowalk plays an important role in moving people efficiently and comfortably.

Reliable and Energy Efficient
To ensure reliability, efficiency and power savings, Fujitec Singapore incorporates highly efficient worm gears in the Autowalk to further enhance drive efficiency.

Engineered for Safety
Passenger safety is Fujitec Singapore’s number one priority. That’s why Autowalk contains numerous safety functions and features that ensure quality performance to exceed all industry standards.

Energy Savings System
Variable frequency operation offers the latest inverter technology, drastically reducing power consumption. With this system, the escalator runs at a very low speed under the no load condition and resumes normal speed operations when approaching passengers are detected.

Automatic Start/Stop Operation
The sensors located near the landings detect approaching passengers and automatically starts operations. The operation then stops after all the passengers have exited.

Urethane Handrail
Fujitec’s newly developed handrail drive system is made from Urethane and minimizes the handrail.

Architectural Specifications
The information outlined below is designed to assist you in the process of developing a comprehensive specification for gearless (passenger/service) elevators. If you have not determined the appropriate number of elevators for your building, please contact your local sales representative. It is recommend that you download this specification so you may tailor it to your specific building needs.

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